What does USEDATA mean?

USEDATA stands for – Using Extractive Industry Data.

What is USEDATA?

USEDATA (Using Extractive Industry Data) is a UK Aid funded programme, which aims to make data on the extractive industry (oil, gas and mining) more transparent and accessible to ultimately improve accountability in the industry. USEDATA is both transforming freely available data (‘open data’), relating to oil, gas and mining, as well as opening up data, through online and offline products and capacity building initiatives in Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. The online products include online extractive industry portals, while the offline products include a unique variation of multimedia such as, radio dramas and talk shows, panel discussions, infographics, brochures and workshops, as requested by local communities, civil society, government and industry in each of the focus countries.

How is USEDATA funded?

USEDATA is funded by UK Aid from the UK government. USEDATA is a sub-component of the UK government’s RTPEED (release the transformational potential of extractives for economic development) programme, which aims to widen and raise global standards of extractives transparency, increase accountability and responsiveness to ensure extractives are managed better, and improve poor countries’ capacity to manage these resources.

When did USEDATA start?

USEDATA commenced in August 2015.

Who is implementing USEDATA?

Montrose (www.montroseint.com) is the lead Service Provider for the USEDATA programme.

Who will benefit from USEDATA?

USEDATA currently has four key stakeholder groups – government, civil society, extractive industry and local communities.

What do you mean by extractive industry?

USEDATA focuses specifically on oil and gas and minerals, including for example gold, jade, ruby, tin, zinc, copper etc.

How do I access the USEDATA products?

The USEDATA online portals will be launched in mid-2017 and will be accessible via the USEDATA website (www.usedata.info), Facebook and Twitter pages as well as directly on:





The offline products will be launched and disseminated shortly after the launches of the portals.

How does USEDATA ensure data quality?

The USEDATA team manually reviews all data for relevance, validity, timeliness, interpretability and credibility.

How do I contact the USEDATA team?

Please see the contact page on this website for details.