Information on the extractive industry (oil, gas and mining) is often complex, unusable and difficult to access. This makes it hard for citizens and civil society to ask questions about how extractives are managed, to understand and access the opportunities available within the industry and to monitor government and industry adherence to policy. The accessibility and complexity of information available also influences the level of trust between governments and citizens, as well as between extractive companies and local communities. USEDATA (Using Extractive Industry Data) is transforming freely available data, relating to oil, gas and mining, and opening up closed data through online and offline multi-media used by communities, civil society, government and industry to improve the transparency of the sector and accountability of key decision makers. USEDATA will launch online and offline products and capacity building initiatives in four countries across Africa and Asia-Pacific: Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

USEDATA is funded by UK Aid from the UK government. The programme is a sub-component of the UK government’s RTPEED (Releasing the Transformational Potential of Extractives for Economic Development) programme.